Starting Feburary 4th we will be moving to one Sunday gathering.


The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the simplest of practices, ad at the same time, the most mysterious of spiritual disciplines. In prayer, we probe spiritual realities. In prayer, we communicate with God. In prayer, we access the arsenal of heaven. In prayer, we expand God’s Kingdom on earth.

Prayer gives heaven permission to invade earth. Through prayer, we’re able to bring heaven down and keep hell from rising.

Every believer is equipped with an arsenal of incredible, life-altering and world-changing power.

The Father has invited each of us to come and be involved in a dialogue that marshalls angels and sets forth the weaponry of war – weaponry that impacts the spiritual realm and affects how events unfold in the natural realm.

But that can not and will not happen unless we pray.

Through prayer, you signal your dependence on God and your trust in Him as the source of all real hope.

David prayed:

“Listen to my voice of my cry, my King and my God, for to You I will pray.” Psalm 5:2

The fervency of David’s prayer, “listen to my cry for help,” is a matter of desperate pleading. No “plan b.” With God, all things are possible.

So brothers and sisters, join us on September 13-16, Days of Fasting and Prayer. We are desperate for God; we need God to move.

Oh God,

Our nation is filled with pride and wickedness. Your name is not lifted up. We’re bound by the idols of material things and comfort, and we’re indifferent to the destiny of the lost. Jesus, have mercy on the Greater Toronto Area. Would you, break through the walls of resistance and the deception of the enemy that keeps people from your love and grace.

Lord, fill me with passion for you. Lord, if you don’t visit us, we have no hope. Our plan, programs and strategies are no substitute for the fire and wind of your Holy Spirit.

Lord, we are in desperate need of you!


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