Starting Feburary 4th we will be moving to one Sunday gathering.

Next Steps

Everyone’s on a journey. Whether it’s asking the big questions about life and faith, diving deep into this week’s sermon or learning about your gifts so you can impact the world around you – followers of Jesus know that growing is a lifelong pursuit.

Try Alpha

Alpha is a course offered twice a year that creates a space, online or in person, where people are excited to bring their friends for a conversation about life, faith and Jesus. Bring your questions and your doubts as we explore together.

Starting Point

New to GKM? Not sure what your place is in the church? Starting Point is a one-hour session, online and in person, designed to help you get introduced to who we are. By the end of the session, you’ll leave with a clear picture of the next step in your journey.

Get Baptized

Jesus instituted baptism, and it’s an incredible milestone in your journey. Immersing yourself below the water signifies your death from the old life and old ways of thinking. When you come out of the water, you publicly proclaim that you’re a follower of Jesus who’s turned away from the old

Small Groups

Life is better together. Small Groups meet weekly throughout the year, online and in person. Groups gather based on age, stage and day. Some Groups choose to unpack the sermon each week more deeply, and others pick a book or video study. Grow deep roots together in a Small Group.


God has intricately designed you with a unique personality, passion and interests. Through the Holy Spirit, you have spiritual gifts meant to empower you to serve in and out of the church. Serve is a short course designed to help you understand your personality, confirm your spiritual gifts and identify where you can make a difference.


Dive into who we are as a church: our beliefs, ministry practices, leadership structure and our 65+ year history. Membership is a commitment to serve, pray for, give and gather with GKM.

Service Time Update

Starting February 4th


Join us this easter

April 2

Palm Sunday

9 & 11:15 AM

April 7

Good friday

9 & 11:15 AM

April 9

Easter Sunday

9 & 11:15 AM

April 2 - APRIL 9

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